CAD $1,320CAD $1,747

Mindcamp Registration, including accommodation, meals, snacks, sessions, and YMCA activities like swimming, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing. Corporate participants are also entitled to a Professional Development Information sheet before Mindcamp (to make their case to HR or the boss) and a Certificate of Completion after Mindcamp.

The rooms are clean and comfortable, fitted out like a moderately priced hotel with ensuite three-piece washrooms. Linens and towels are provided. Corporate participants normally get single rooms but can opt for shared accommodation if preferred.

This option is for company-sponsored attendance. Group discounts are available for multiple registrations from the same company.

What's Included
  • Accommodation and meals from Wednesday to Sunday
  • Information sheet on Mindcamp's value for professional development (to sell it to your boss)
  • A visa letter (if needed, to sell it to the border officials)
  • All programs: as many sessions as you want to attend plus available YMCA activities (e.g., kayak, canoeing, windsurfing)
  • A Certificate of Completion (if requested) after Mindcamp
  • 13% sales tax (HST)