Pre-Mindcamp for Presenters

CAD $60.00CAD $176.00

August 20-22: Pre-Mindcamp program for Mindcamp presenters in downtown Toronto at a college residence near the Distillery District. Includes a number of programs, including:

  • Bouffon for Presenters (Massimo Agostinelli)
  • Branding Boot Camp (Janet Rouss)
  • Facilitating Impossible People (Dawn dePasquale)
  • The Power of Power (Denise Pinto and Robert Wakulat)

NOTE: Meals are NOT included (even if you select accommodation) — there are many very good restaurants within walking distance. Accommodation can be arranged by clicking here.

Public transportation (by streetcar) is very close by. You’ll be hanging out right beside the Distillery District, one of Toronto’s favourite tourist destinations. (But of course you’ll be busy taking programs, right?)

What's Included
  • Pre-Mindcamp programs: sessions of interest to presenters and facilitators
  • Hanging out in a cool city: You'll be in an awesome downtown district of Toronto
  • 13% sales tax (HST)