The Store

Mindcamp T-Shirt
Women's and Men's styling, lots of sizes! Pre-order for pickup at Mindcamp.
“Sure, I'll take a look!”
CAD $28.25
Printed Program
Program is free on the app or on the web, but if you want the printed version, here it is! Pre-order for pickup at Mindcamp.
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CAD $15.00
Mindcamp Bus
Bus from Downtown Toronto to Mindcamp on August 22, and back again August 26
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CAD $45-$90
Mindcamp Registration
Register for Mindcamp and/or Pre-Mindcamp!
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Pre-Mindcamp Accommodation in Toronto
Downtown Toronto accommodation at a student residence, available 1-4 nights preceding Mindcamp
“Hmmm, sounds interesting...”
CAD $88/night
Community Fund
Of course Mindcamp is a great deal, but even our meagre prices are a hurdle for some. Help make it happen for ALL of us.
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